About Us :

Memory Team was formed in the autumn time of 2009 by László Zsákovics who originally wanted a musical interlude into his one man show performance entitled Nyelvcsapások. The inspiration primarily came from the songs of Shadows.

The bandmembers have always remained in touch with the music (actively or passively) during the past 40 years.


László Zsákovics "Jak" (leadguitar, project manager)

Until 2019 he work as a teacher of music in School of Music in Komarno, Slovakia. In 1970 his songs played by his band, Omikron were recorded in Slovak Radio. From 1974 until 1976 he is the leader of Hümér RT band. Since 1979 he has been the leader of several literature-musical programs, cabarets, live music plays, and also has been an active musician.

In 1982 he established a group called Sziget Csoport (Island Group) where he took the roles of composer, musician and talking head. Later he created similar kind of solo programs (Agitál a Gitár, Szuper óra). Since 1982 he has been teaching students in the School of Music, paralelly he has been the dedicated composer of Jókai Theatre in Komarno. This way he contributed in numeruous plays as active musician, musical director or composer (he wrote 15 scores for theatrical plays, did the arrangements for 23 scores among others). In 2009 he launched a talkshow called Nyelv/Csapások which was accompanied with live music.

His musical taste: basically no preferred genre just it must have values...


Károly Alföldi   " Alfi" /drums/

He has been in touch with the music since he was 10. The first more serious group he partook in was in his highschool times in a same band with Gugi Sipos, later he was the drummer of the very famous Lecek band, during his army duties he was the basic member of the army’s own music group. Furthermore as a drummer he partook in hundreds of successful live performances with the local theatre’s band (together with László Zsákovics).

His musical taste: Brian Benett, Louis Armstrong, Phil Collins


Béla     /"Tomi"/  Novák   /rhytm guitar/

He started his musicianship carrier in the 70’s when he joined a local band as a rhythm guitarist, later he played in the hobby band formed by some town hall members. He picked up the guitar again in 2009 thanks to the invitation to join Memory Team.

His musical taste :Eric Clapton /Slowhand/,Shadows,Beatles


Jenő  /“Gugi“/ Sipos (bass)

He has been the music teacher of a local elementary school for long years, has been a member of Gaudium choir and he also partook in many folklore groups. He started to play bassguitar thanks to the spell of the band Shadows.

His musical taste: Zoltán Kodály, Ferencz Liszt, Aladár Pege, Shadows


Richard  /"Richi"/  Zács (keyboards)

He studied piano for seven years in the music school of Sturovo under the leadership of László Ganzer. He obtained awards and prizes in several music competitions throughout the years. Many decades ago he was the bassguitarist of the band formed by the students of  high school in Komarno. Later he played keyboards in the next  band formed by the high school students from Komarno. After that he was the member of the band called Kinetic. In this period he was countless times (around 120 times) on stage with a band having members as Károly Alföldi, László Zsákovics, Tamás Novák. Since 1980 he was dealing with the music in home environment exclusively. He restarted his musical carrier when in 2009 László Zsákovics invited him to join Memory Team.

Since year  2012- the external member of the Moravian  /CZ/ hardrock gang  "Doctor's band" /CZ/ and since this year is also the founder of the first medical music-formation of Slovak urologists called "Uroband".

His musical taste::Mezzoforte,Mezzoforte,Mezzoforte,Mezzoforte,Mezzoforte ......:)........George Duke, Chicago,EWF,,Fourplay,Brian Bromberg,Jeff Lorber,Kashiwa ...Status Quo, Slade, Sweet,Rolling Stones,Bob Marley...etc..



Project :

Memory Team’s setlist is much based on the tunes of the band called Shadows. On top of this we perform many other well-known songs in new arrangements and own translation, like Ventures, Spotnicks, melodies from motion pictures (f.e. E. Morricone, N. Rota), Gary Moore, Morenita Do Brasil, Tico-Tico no Fuba, LGT, Beatles, or remake of Rövid az élet (Life is Short) written by Fülöp Majláth and originally performed by Maria Toldy.

Instruments and other gears:

DRUMS : Alföldi Károly:Peavey PV500 Drumkit Black,Paiste cymbals 14,16,18,20 /hi-hat,Crash+ Ride,Aquarian studio rings,pipe chimes 25 bars,RH Sound DSH-7B.
LEAD GUIT : Zsákovics László: Line 6-Spider Jam (kombo), Yamaha STAGEPAS 500.

guit : Cort - Stellar, Salvador Ibanez - Localidad en guitarra clasica, Git. Ashton DuallertsB, Ibanez G10, Roland GR 55.

GUIT : Novák Béla Tamás :Fender Stratocaster cop., Line 6 Modeling guit.,VOX  VT 40+,Marshall  AC 50R ,ZT Lunchbox 200W Amp.
KEYBS : Zács Richard ::Roland Juno Stage.
BASS: Siposs Jenő :SX VJB 62 BK Thema,Fender Rumble 150.